Bagheera Jungle Retreat

The entire property has been landscaped with forest species and grass to provide extended space to wildlife. One can often see and listen to wildlife from the living rooms and the other areas. We invite you to experience various adventurous and relaxing activities that the resort and the Corbett national park have to offer. To experience the wilderness of nature, to enjoy the bliss of devotion, to admire the architectural marvel of our ancient times, come to the land of adventures and bliss- Bagheera Jungle Retreat.

Pagoda Manu Maharani

Nestled comfortably in Dhikuli village, the resort is a mere hundred steps away from the most famous choice for all kind of Safaris – Bijrani through the route of Aamdanda. The resort sits serenely in the lap of 11 acres of greens and is surrounded by the forest, river and hills. Enter the resort to an expanse of Mango orchard and manicured, landscaped gardens all over the property. Step in to the reception area where a grand welcome awaits you with some freshly made local juices and mocktails. Sink in to the comfort of your king size bed at any of the lavish living spaces. Relax within the rooms or breathe in nature by idling your time outside. Indulge in a stress free therapy at The Spa. Chillax river side with a stroll or just plop on one of the seatings overlooking the flowing waters. 

Corbett Machaan Resort

Corbett Machaan Resort is deluxe resort ideal for nature lovers, researchers, writers, artists and folks who come searching for solitude from the fast paced world. The resort is full of natural vegetation to provide a jungle experience and one gets the opportunity to experience the wildlife from resort itself. In Corbett Machaan Resort one is fully able to experience the ambiance of the forest. A machaan overlooking the jungle is a perfect place to sit out and relax. The machaan also provides a perfect opportunity to view wildlife from the resort. One can often see deers crossing the trails of the jungle and if lucky can get to see tiger or elephant from the resort. There is an Open outdoor sitting area, Gol ghar with central bonfire place and recreational room with library offers panoramic views of jungle.

Tarangi Resort

Although it is a grand new luxury resort, you will be surprised to know that Tarangi Resort & Spa has quite an interesting history attached to it. Situated at the banks of the beautiful Kosi river, the resort was washed away during the devastating Uttarakhand floods of 2011. After being shut down, revamped and relaunched, Tarangi Resort & Spa is now bigger and stronger than ever! Even now, it occupies the largest stretch of land along the Kosi river. Today, the resort welcomes guests with stylish, luxury rooms, state-of-the-art facilities, a huge swimming pool, delicious food and much more!

Samsara Resort

Samsara Corbett’s 48 Luxury Rooms, 2 Honeymoon Suites, 2  Family Suites & 8 Sky Lounge Rooms draws their inspiration from the five elements of nature- Space, Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. The Resort is nestled in the bosom of India’s thickest jungles- Corbett and is made to sync in to the vastness and mystery of the woods. These Jungle themed rooms are each accompanied with sit-out areas facing the forest of the hills.

Gajraj Trails Resort

Situated amidst the lap of nature, the Gajraj Trails Resort is an enchanting place to spend your holiday in the vicinity of Corbett National Park. With the amalgamation of style and comfort, the resort not only has the eye-catching interiors but also offers superb services to the guests. The resort is located in the Dhela village in Ramnagar, close to the Dhela Gate which is the entry gate to Dhela and Jhirna zones of the Corbett Reserve Park. It is well accessible from the Ramnagar town and the nearest Bus stand and Railway station through the connecting road. For the nature lovers, the resort will be a captivating stay due to the dense natural surroundings and tranquil ambiance in and around the resort.